American Sign Language can save the day!
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By Talking With Baby

My son attends an after school program two days a week with St. David’s.  Here he has a chance to
make friends and experience group activities so important for his adult life.  When he came home yesterday, he
took off the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing and out of the pocket in the front fell some little colorful things. 
I was shocked because typically nothing is in that front pocket.  I looked at his face and I’ve never seen that
expression before.  I immediately thought my son is stealing!  I read the note from St. David’s to see how his day was and found out they had an egg hunt.  I turned to Chad and signed “did you find eggs?”  He immediately picked up the little erasers.  I guess they were the prize in the eggs.  Whew!  Teach a new sign today – find out what your baby is up to!


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