Can sign language help with transitions?
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By Talking With Baby

Transitions are hard for most families – getting our children from here to there when they don’t want to go.  My son can be very stubborn when it comes time to leaving the house, especially when he has no idea where he is going or what he will be doing.  We were invited to a party by a family, who also has a son with special needs.  They often give parties and we’ve never gone before.  I thought we’d better go this time.  I signed to Chad we were going to a party.  To my surprise he very willingly got dressed and out the door we went.  He did say something about ‘birthday’.  What other kind of party could it be?  I let it go at that, even though there was no birthday celebration to be had.  I was so proud of my son that day because he sat very nice, laughed, carried on good sign conversation with me, which would involve others.  Nice socialization.  He signed ‘birthday cake’, which I ignored.  It was time to leave and my stomach was in a knot about the pending transition battle.  I led the way.  Just before he went down a flight of stairs to the front door, he stopped, turned around and sang and signed ‘happy birthday’ to the boy he went to school with.  Oh my boy!  Give them language and watch what happens.  Teach your baby a new sign today.  You will be amazed where they will use it…

By musicalbug
September 28, 2012 at 11:40am
What a fun day you must have had!
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