Chad's Summer Adventure
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By Talking With Baby

Can summer be over?  What an experience for Potts this summer.  The local St. David’s Summer Adventure program has always been a staple for Chad.  Remember that’s how Pete and Rachel met and how it changed their career paths?  (The Story of Potts)  I decided he needed to have fun this year and we skipped the usual summer school.  The camp is a distance from home, so we tried some new transportation.  Oh how does a mother raising a child with special needs ever let go??? 

Today was the last day and ended with a family picnic.  Awards were given out for staff members and then special awards for the campers.  One award was for the best swimmer, one for the best communicator, and various other awards to identify how the staff will remember the campers.  My Potts was awarded ‘most likely to go to the moon’.  !  If you know Chad, he is mad with he doesn’t see the sun or the moon, the moon being the favorite.  I also learned there was a young staff member who developed quite the relationship with Chad.  Chad can be very challenging at times and difficult to be around.  This young man found a way to calm the beast by whispering in his ear and earned the nickname “The Chad Whisperer”.  We are grateful for your talents, Chad  Whisperer!

You see, it really is about communication!  Begin by teaching a non-verbal child some sign language and watch the beast within blossom! 


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