How can sign language help with health issues?
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By Talking With Baby

Over the weekend, the cap on my front tooth broke.  I showed the tooth to Chad, who starred at it in disbelief.  He has never seen his mom sick, or down, or in need of health services.  I signed to him that I need to see the 'dentist'.  When I got back the next day, sporting a temporary cap, he was all smiles and signed 'better'. 

Using sign language can be very helpful when seeing a doctor or dentist.  It helps prepare your child for things that will happen.  One time Chad needed a chest X-ray.  The technicians were unsure how to get him in front of the equipment, let alone have him stand still.  With a simple "stand" and "picture", we got the job done to the amazement of the hospital staff.

Your child learns best from you.  Use every opportunity to use sign language so that when you need it the most, you will have a language!  Teach your baby a new sign today, your baby will love you for it.


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