How do I begin to teach my baby sign langauge?
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By Talking With Baby

I have the
privilege of caring for Evie
 and her new sister Meadow while
they are in transition to a new daycare. 
Evie is now 4 and Meadow is 5 months. 
If you are a new parent, or one with experience, or someone involved
with a non-verbal little one, see if the following scene sounds familiar. 

You are
dropping Baby off at the daycare. 
Instructions include last time a diaper was changed, Baby was fed, and
any special instructions like, “may be getting a cold”, “didn’t sleep well last
night”, or “doesn’t seem to be herself today”. 
When was the last time you gave the caregiver your language

Jen left me
for the first time with Baby Meadow along with Evie.  She told me she was working on the signs for ‘eat’
and ‘more’ and out the door she went. 
Things were fine until Meadow started crying.  Okay, now what?  I looked at her and said “eat?”  Because her mom was already working on the
words, ‘eat’ was a familiar sound to her. 
She immediately stopped crying and I fed her.

How easy it
is for caregivers to be in charge when a baby is introduced to language.  Using a word she was familiar with instilled
security and confidence she was in good hands. 
I am at the end of my time to care for them, but can see that over these
last few weeks, Meadow is now looking at me and not the bottle when I say ‘eat’.  I’ve started showing her the sign and even
model her own hands to make the sign. 
How easy it becomes when a baby knows they are understood and the whole
eating process has slowed down.  We are
both happy we know what she wants!   

Teach a new
sign today, see what your Baby is trying to tell you!

By juliamillman
September 21, 2012 at 03:38pm
I want to thank Marsha Peterson for introducing my new niece and nephew (twins!) to "Talking with Baby" and the concept of sign language. The babies are three months old now, and we are looking forward to being able to communicate with them with signing before they can talk. Thank you for your books and the example on this blog from Meadow and Evie! Thank you, and keep up the great work!
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