How should I get my child ready for school?
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By Talking With Baby

I wanted to share with you some points that were made at the Center for Inclusive Child Care on June 25.  I had the privilege of hearing Bev Herr, Early Childhood Educator/Trainer speak.  The key points of her message were: children experience many types of stressors, they are impacted by both negative and positive interactions, it is important to emotionally support children, children need a warm and nurturing atmosphere, and to create the best place for children to learn we need to provide a healthy environment. 

What I thought was a very interesting point is learning what the expectations are for getting our children ready for kindergarten.  Ms Herr said the teachers are more interested in having students that are emotionally and socially ready to learn over knowing the A,B,C’s, numbers and colors. 

What is the best way to ready a child for their first experience at school?   Learning to communicate!   The best time to teach a baby to communicate is from birth by introducing sign language.  When a baby learns to sign, they learn trust, they learn how to turn take in communication, they learn how to control behaviors because they know how to ask for things, it creates self-esteem, AND makes a smarter baby!  Teach your baby a new sign today.  Check out our website and first book to help you learn.  Become a Facebook fan for more details about Talking with Baby.

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