Know how to get the attention of PK-K kids?
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By Talking With Baby

Summer camp is over – know how to get and keep the attention
of PK-K kids?  It’s so easy and anyone
can do it.  I finished two weeks at the
Hmong Culture and Language Camp where I had the opportunity to work with the
youngest of campers.  Some were shy, some
not so shy, and some that didn’t speak English. 
With a gradual daily introduction of signs, we built our vocabulary by
learning Hmong history, even added two songs that were sung at the celebration that
ends camp.  The last couple of days of
camp, I was able to stand in front of the kids and start signing one of the
songs they learned without verbalizing anything.  And the next thing that happened?  The noisy kids noticed an unusual thing.  Quiet. 
Those that were talking stopped and joined in with the others.  Even the non-English speaking students were
able to be part of the group by signing as well.  And oh the smiles, did I mention the smiles.  Smiles came from even the shyest of campers.

Incorporate some signing today, see if it will help connect
with little ones – and oh, have some fun!


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