Olympics 2012!
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By Talking With Baby

Olympics 2012!  One of
the best parts of the Olympics is the opening ceremony.   I knew
there was going to be a struggle to get this on TV because of the ‘routine’
with my child with autism, followed by a struggle with my child with Down
syndrome, all of which are in the same package.   Chad learned the sign for ‘Olympics’ in
early grade school and we use the sign only when it’s time for another Olympics.  Once I changed the channel on the TV to the
Olympic coverage, all I needed to do was sign ‘Olympics’ a few times and with a
minimum of struggle, we were watching the opening!   As he
was engaged in the program, he started signing all the things he saw…flag,
marching, dance, and helicopter were some. 
Not sure why, but he burst out laughing when Mary Poppins came down from
above.   There, of course, was lots of ‘parade like
waving’ back at the TV.

Teach your baby a sign that reflects something happening
today to engage them and share the excitement. 


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