Too busy to teach baby sign language?
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By Talking With Baby

“I’m too busy to teach my baby sign language”.  I hear this statement often when I ask new parents if they are using sign language.  It’s a phrase that, quite frankly, baffles me.  As I considered this statement over and over, I came to realize that we don’t actually ‘teach’ our baby sign language, we learn a sign and start using it.  Learn and use.  It’s so easy to do.  If you are a beginner, when your baby cries because of hunger, SLOWLY say and sign “Eat  Eat Eat?”  When your baby takes a break from eating, sign ‘eat’ again when your baby is ready for more food.  You know your baby understands because they will stop crying when they see you sign and say “eat”.  That’s a good time to help baby make the sign while saying eat.  It won’t be long before your baby learns the sign and meal time will be more relaxing.  If you have already mastered a few signs, build new ones with your baby’s interest.  Start signing the names of objects – does baby like the ‘duck’ or ‘bubbles’ during ‘bath’ time?   ‘Learn’ a new sign today and start using it!  Eat, duck, bubbles and bath can be seen on


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