Why won't my baby sign?
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By Talking With Baby

Recently I attended two events for families with children.  A few parents stopped to talk about signing with their baby and were not getting any results.  Though I do not know what happens in everyone's home, what I can suggest is that consistency is the key.  Pick 3 to 5 signs (eat, more, finish, bath, milk) you want to use and everytime that action or activity is going to happen say and sign the word slowly a couple of times.  For instance, if your baby is getting ready to eat, say and sign "eat - - - eat", then let your baby eat.  If the baby takes a break then begins to eat again, say and sign "eat - - - eat".  It will be a lot simpliar to start using the signs when your baby is tiny then when they get a little older and demands (cries) are bigger.  Signing will slow the process and baby will gain trust understanding that this sign means food is coming.  Soon the baby will use the sign to tell you when they are hungry.   The parent or caregiver should be a step ahead of signs so that when those teachable moments come, you can use a new sign for another action or activity.  Parents that are the most excited about signing are those that have battled the initial first couple of signs and their baby is using them.  You will be amazed at what little work is done to watch your baby become a signer!  Remember to have language fun with your baby everyday!  What a smart baby you will have.


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