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Baby Leah

Leah signing 'more' swing.jpg

Family demographics 

Baby Leah, Mom, Dad, 2 older brothers ages 4 and 9.  We received the book as a shower gift.


When she started reading the book

We started reading the book when Leah was about 8 weeks old.


Her reaction to the book

Leah enjoyed listening to us read her the book and looking at all the pictures.


What signs she uses, which signs she is working on

She first signed “eat” when she was about 5 and a half months old. We are working on “more”, “bubbles”, and “bath.” She loves taking a bath and playing with her new yellow rubber duck.


Where we keep the book

We keep the book in the dining room and read it to her while she is sitting in a chair on the table or in her high chair. We usually read the book in the evenings a few days a week. It is very convenient that the book stands on its own and we don’t have to hold it.


Other details

Her older brothers enjoy learning different signs and practicing them with their little sister. Right now the favorite sign is “thank you, mom” and daddy has been practicing “cereal” with her as he feeds her. Her 9 year old brother is very interested in learning signs that are in the book as well as others that aren’t in the book.


Recently we were at a wedding and Leah enjoyed watching the bubbles that were blown as the couple left the church. I was glad that I knew the sign for bubbles and was able to use it away from home and in a different context. I really like that the book has all the signs that are used in each story summarized on one page for quick reference.