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Baby Leah 1 year

Leah is now one and is as cute as ever! She is starting to talk and is saying (or trying to say) several of the words that she has learned in sign language. Most impressive I think are “bubble” and “duck”. She is also saying “uh-oh”, “mama”, “dada”, “puppy” and “more” along with plenty of baby babble. She still isn’t signing very much, but when she REALLY wants something I can usually get her to sign “more”.


She is doing some of her own signs too. She waves to say hi and good-bye, claps when she’s happy or excited, and when she doesn’t want something she shrugs one shoulder and tilts her head so her ear is on her shoulder. This definitely isn’t the right way to say no, but she is getting her point across without throwing a fit so I guess it’s ok.


She loves to take her toys one by one and hold them up to get us to sign the word for it. This started with her duck in the bath tub and now she wants to know the sign for everything. She is also pointing and things wanting to know what they are. She loves to point to our facial features and after we tell her what they are she tries to point to them on her own face.


It seems like she is learning something new every day now and it is just so much fun to watch her. Having sign language as part of her learning process seems to be making a huge difference in her behavior. She is getting to the age where temper tantrums and crying to get what they want seem to just be a part of a child’s life. Even though she isn’t signing the words when she is upset, we can sign “eat” or “drink” or “bath” when she cries and she will usually stop because she knows what those signs mean and knows what is coming rather than just crying until she gets what she wants.


Recently I was looking at some books and came across a book for teaching a baby sign language. The book had the signs laid out in alphabetical order. Compared to Talking with Baby, this other book made signing look so much harder. I love that Talking with Baby has all the signs you use in everyday activities in story format. It makes remembering the signs so much easier. Rather than flipping through book to put a sentence together about eating breakfast it is all on one page and the illustrations show the activity that is being signed and not just the sign.


This past year has been so amazing with her and I can’t believe how fast it went by. I am really looking forward to watching her continue to learn and grow. Hopefully I can get her to start using more signs very soon now that she is starting to figure out how her hands work.