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Amazon Review

S. Knaeble
- Loved this Book, June 30, 2009

Marsha Peterson has created a beautiful book. It can be used by parents, caregivers, or teachers to introduce children to the wonderful world of sign language. This is a great teaching book. It takes you through a series of stories and pictures, and slowly introduces you to the words and symbols for signing. The fact that the book pops open like a tent allows you to read the book, and sign at the same time. My son loved the book immediately. It is a 'must have' book for all parents.

Kim - Great book with signs and a story!, November 24, 2010


I love this book and wish there were more like it! I'm a teacher working with parents who have deaf or hard of hearing children, and I have several board books with signs. Most of the books I have only have one or two signs per page, and no story. This book contains two stories, and has enough signs to be able to coherently tell the story. This book is a great step up for the parents I work with who are beyond using one word to label each page but are not yet fluent enough to be able to tell an entire story themselves without the sign cues on the page. The parents I work with love the fact that the book stands up by itself, which helps them solve the ever-present question of how to sign, hold your baby, and hold your book all at the same time.

The stories in the book aren't the most exciting or creative (basically describing bath time and breakfast), so if you want a higher-level book to inspire imagination this one may not work. However, since the two stories talk about regular daily activities, it provides language for those activities helping newly signing parents learn practical vocabulary and gives a great opportunity to practice relating stories to your child's experiences.