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Evie using TWB


I wanted to teach Evie to sign so she would have some way of communicating with us before she could speak. I didn't want her to feel frustrated and just scream or whine to get what she wanted. I'm not sure I really had any expectations with sign language; I just wanted to give it a try and see how it would go.
I think the books are great because I like to read to her, it gives us "quality time together." That is one reason why I would choose signing books over videos. The other reason is I don't want to make a habit of sitting her in front of a TV.

The book has helped me have something physical that we can go through and also seeing it reminds me to do it. Honestly, with taking care of a toddler, the days fly by and I think, 'Oh I forgot to try this sign with her today.' She is so busy that it helps to have something to focus on.

I can't hold her and read, she just wants down, so I set her in her highchair, give her a few crackers and go through the book. When she first saw it she really seemed to like it, the colors are great for babies and toddlers. She seems more engaged with this book than with others I have tried to read to her.

Her first sign was "more." I was very excited and proud of her. I know she's a smart little girl, but to see her actually do it was amazing. It just shows you that they know more than they are able to communicate with you at this age. We just have to try to give them a way to do it and for us right now it's signing. Having this book as gotten us on our way.

-Jen and Evie