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Leah is going to be 2 in less than a month already and is getting more and more fun to watch every day! We are having so much fun with signs. Her favorite book is one with just pictures of about a dozen animals. Her favorite animals to sign are fish, duck, squirrel, turtle, and alligator. She can say the names of most of the other animals, but when it came to the hippopotamus she would just look at me with an “I’m not even going to attempt that one – just give me a sign.” So I looked up the sign and after I showed her she not only did the sign, but said the word!


Whenever we are getting ready to go somewhere she has another really cute thing she does. She goes to the spot where we put her shoes on and signs yellow to let us know she wants to wear her favorite yellow shoes.


We recently went to go visit some family that we don’t see very often. After our visit I got an email telling me how sweet and well-behaved Leah was for being an almost two-year-old. I said this in the last update and I have to say it again – I believe this good behavior comes from her ability to be able to communicate with me.


I am really looking forward to watching her continue to learn, grow, and communicate with the help of sign language!